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Thien Minh Celebrates 17 Years of Woodworking Excellence!

On 20, April 2024, Thien Minh, a leading wood furniture company in Southeast Vietnam, celebrated its 17th anniversary with a momentous afternoon event. It was a time filled with nostalgia, appreciation, and a glimpse into the exciting future that lies ahead.

A Look Back, Steeped in Gratitude

The afternoon commenced with the leadership board acknowledging the unwavering efforts of all Thien Minh employees. It was a testament to the company's success, built on the dedication and expertise of its workforce. The board also recognized the foresight and vision that guided Thien Minh's remarkable 17-year journey.

A captivating trip down memory lane unfolded as past pictures and old company documents were displayed. The stories behind these mementos brought back cherished memories, reminding everyone of the company's humble beginnings and the remarkable strides it had made.

Passing the Torch: A New Chapter Begins

A significant highlight of the event was the official announcement of the next generation taking the reins. Mr. Nguyen Minh Quan was introduced as the new General Director, succeeding the esteemed Ms. Nguyen Ly Thuy Trang. Ms. Phung Hoang Minh Thy was appointed as the HR Director, and Ms. Tran Ngoc Lam Giang assumed the role of System Director.

A Speech Filled with Promise

In an inspiring address to the entire company, Mr. Nguyen Minh Quan expressed his gratitude for the trust placed in him. He outlined his vision for the company's future, promising to lead Thien Minh to even greater heights. His speech resonated with the audience, igniting a sense of optimism and collective purpose.

Celebrating Achievements, Fostering Camaraderie

As the afternoon program concluded, a delightful spread awaited the employees and the leadership board. It was a time for merriment and camaraderie, as everyone enjoyed the delicious food and shared laughter. The event also featured some lively volunteer performances by the employees, showcasing their talents and adding a touch of fun to the celebrations.

Thien Minh's 17th-anniversary celebration was a resounding success. It not only acknowledged the company's past achievements but also paved the way for a future filled with promise. With a new generation at the helm, inspired leadership, and a dedicated workforce, Thien Minh is poised to continue crafting high quality wood furniture for years to come.

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